To start earning without investment is now easier than ever, as we are the only company in this industry having our own marketing platform you do not need to pay for advertising! Your referral link is now how you will be paid for advertising. How does it work? It’s very simple as follows:


which are made by your potential customers in social media, forums or your own web site. Simply grab your referral link in your user’s cabinet referral area or take the banner with link included. Post the links/banners in social media (like Facebook groups) with advertising text and earn $0.07 per each click from visitors! It’s so easy to earn money!



After you earned your money on clicks someone will of course purchase a contract from your offer and this time you will earn 20% from every sold contract! For example, your attracted client will buy a $1000 mining contract, from that investment you will earn $100 which you can withdrawal immediately.

By working together with your investors you can receive profits up to 20.8% from all new purchases made by your first referrals (Platinum status) and extra bonus profits from your investors’ networks. According to the number of investors in your network you can be promoted to a higher status and receive bigger bonus from each new purchase made by your network. Once you receive a higher status it is valid for Lifetime!



After you have attracted new clients, some of them will begin advertising too. This is where our 5 level referral system steps in to work for you! When your client will bring in another client you will still earn 4% from his/her contract purchase amount, then the next level you will earn 2% and 1% and finally 1% commissions! Isn’t it the greatest Passive income generator? Yes, it is!



Conditions for Earn per click:

1. Its forbidden to use pay per click operators to drive traffic. If this happens then the earn per click option will be automatically disabled for your account.

2. Its forbidden to use traffic Bots.

3. From each IP only 1 click will be counted for rewards.

4. Any fraudulent activity will lead to complete account cancellation.