Join HelixxMine Affiliate program and enjoy bigger benefits from inviting others!

Are you interested in new investment opportunities and maybe you already have your own website and followers? Do you work with influential, wealthy people that have the ability and interest to invest in their future?

You could benefit a lot and secure your own future just by introducing them to the right and most profitable investment opportunity of the future – cryptocurrency!


How can I start?

Just by sharing the referral link to your followers via your website/social media or by inviting others via email etc. you will benefit from our 5 level affiliate program. You will receive a 10% profit from your clients first investment, subsequently you will receive 4%, 2%,1% and 1% from all investors invited under your primary investor.


Become a HelixxMine Affiliate Partner and develop your own investor network

We offer our Affiliate Partner program to miners who are interested in making more profit by developing an investor network. By working together with your investors you can receive profits up to 10.8% from all new purchases made by your first referrals (Platinum status) and extra bonus profits from your investors’ networks.


According to the number of investors in your network you can be promoted to a higher status and receive bigger bonus from each new purchase made by your network. Once you receive a higher status it is valid for Lifetime!


How to make a successful business with our Affiliate Partner program

By sending out your referral link or by posting it on your blog to your followers you invite them to sign up and become your first level referrals. You earn 10% of all of their purchases except re-invested contracts. This is a good start but our Partner program will prove that it is more profitable to support your existing investor network rather than only attracting new clients. Develop the network with people who have already signed up and help them to make business for themselves and ultimately for you!

Receive commissions starting from 10% for all new network purchases

We offer a standard 10% commission for each new client you attract. If your client invests $500 you will receive in your wallet 10% or $50 as a reward for each new purchase made by the client. For every new client your investor attracts you get another set of bonus % accordingly. Therefore if you develop your network and work together you can profit more. You can start by receiving 10% of your first referral investors and by developing the investor network you can earn more from new purchases of the whole network.

We believe that working together will benefit everyone in your network!

If you have any questions regarding our Affiliate Partner program do not hesitate to contact us via our Contact form here.